Women’s Day: What Men should do on this day?

On 08th March, we all are celebrating Women’s day.  What all men should do on this day? Here are some of my thoughts ….

We, all Men, should celebrate this as THANKS GIVING DAY to all women impacting our lives.

We agree or disagree, but I think still we are living in ‘male dominated’ society.

We all, Educated Men, always claim that, we offer equal rights and opportunities to women.


That woman, may be your mother who gave you birth, or your sister who has grown up with      you, or your wife who is your shadow and always with you in days of happiness & sorrow, or      your daughter, who taught you the real meaning of love, affection and parenting.

That woman, may be your colleague sitting at your next cubicle or may be your boss who is        helping you to grow professionally …. In short, many women are impacting our life every-         day!!

It is time to ask ourselves, what we are giving them back?

Are we, all Men, really giving necessary respect to women involved in our life?

Here are some gestures which we should try this women’s day!

Say Thanks to your Wife :

I was talking to one of my friend in IT Industry.  He said, he does not like women working in companies.  Women should do certain kind of jobs only like lecturership, teaching in the school, receptionist etc.

I was shocked listening this from a well-educated engineer.

Who are we deciding what women should do and what they should not do?

Even if it comes to your wife, you should not decide it. Rather you should ask her, “what you would like to do?”

Whatever will be her answer, may be she want to work or she want to be the housewife.  You should support her always.  Help her to do whatever she would like to do!!

On this women’s day, go and ask your wife “Are you happy really?”, ”Do you want to continue your education further?”, “Do you want to do job or be at home?”.

Try to find out, whether your wife had some hobby before marriage.  She must have left it behind while taking care of all responsibilities.

Ask her “What were your hobbies you left behind?” “Why don’t you continue them now?” “What can I do to help you to continue them?”

On this women’s day, gift your wife some tool related to her hobby(if painting is the hobby, then purchase Brush Set, if photography is the hobby then purchase camera etc.).

Say Thanks to your Mother:  

You are very fortunate if your parents are living with you.  No problem, even if they are away from you.

If your mother is staying with you, then on this women’s day, go home and specifically sit for 30 minutes with her.  If your mother is staying away from you, call her today and talk for at least 30 minutes with her.

Your mother has already done lot of sacrifices for you and for the whole family.  Now it’s your turn!

Tell your mother, “I am very grateful to you for showing me this beautiful world”,

“Even if I am eating continental food now a days, it does not even closer to what you used to cook for me in my childhood”,

“Your daughter-is-law is good cook, still I most like the food which you make for me”

Ask your mother to cook some special food item (Whatever is favorite to you) for you and eat it by sitting beside her.  You can’t imagine, these 30 minutes will bring how much happiness for your mother.

On this women’s day, carry home something favorite to your mother.  It will be surprise and priceless gift for her.  This will be the best way to say Thanks to your mother.

Say Thanks to your Mother-in-Law:  

You should not forget that, you have other mother, who always takes care of you … your Mother-In-Law.   This women’s day, give a call to your mother-in-law and talk to her for some time and say something similar to “I am very grateful to you for giving your most precious thing in your life, your daughter”.  “Your daughter really made my life valuable, and credit goes to all your upbringing to her”.  You will not imagine how much happiness she will get by receiving Thanks from her son-in-law.

Say Thanks to your Sister:

Recall your childhood.  Did your sister got equal opportunities really like you(brother)?  Or you have got preference over your sister whenever it comes to going outside for higher education, getting highly paid job outside your home city? Etc.  If so, now it’s time to give her back whatever she has missed.

If your sister is staying with you, go and check what difficulty she is facing? Is there any injustice happening with her? What is her aspiration to become in the life? What education she is interested to take in future? 

On this women’s day, at least take one step to address her concerns!

Convey back message to her that, “Your brother is always there to care of your dreams”.

If your sister is staying away from you, purchase some gift for her online and what’s app your emotions to her.  Send message which can be similar to , “I could reach to this point in life due to all sacrifices you  have made for me in childhood” .

It is best way to say Thanks to your sister.

Say Thanks to your Daughter:

If you have son and daughter both, just cross check with yourself whether you are doing any differentiation between them.  Just recall if there is any incidence where you just refused some demand from her just because she is girl.  You might refused to give permission for a school trip, some sports event, some cultural event … or you might refused to purchase some modern style clothes for her or any other demand which got refused only because she is girl.

If any of the above is the case, then go back and correct your mistake.

Promise your daughter that, you will henceforth give her equal opportunity and freedom like a son.  This will be really a great way to say Thanks to your daughter.

Say Thanks to your Women Colleagues:

In current work culture, Men and Women work together.   If we, all Men, observe carefully, we will notice that, all working women are actually doing dual job, one in the office and another at their home after office hours.

Ask yourself, while talking to my women colleagues, am I appear like a dominating male?  If yes, take corrective action today.  All Men should be co-operative enough with women colleagues who are fighting on 2 fronts simultaneously.

This women’s day, reach out to your women colleagues and convey message that, “I am always there to support you”, “It’s my moral responsibility to take care of your safety at workplace”  “I do fully understand that, you are doing this job along with your family responsibilities, so I will be considerate with you whenever it comes to working in late evening shifts, staying late in office etc”.

We, all Men should try our best to make workplace and very secure and homely environment for our women colleagues.   This will be best way to say Thanks to your women colleagues.

Somebody said it correctly,

“Of all Men out there, those who respect and cherish women shine out as true Gentlemen”

So come on and let us become true Gentlemen from this Women’s day!!

Please share how you are going to celebrate this Women’s Day?

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