Increase your risk Appetite by taking baby steps

Swimmer   Many of the times, we hesitate to take risk.  Due to which, we can not take the big decisions,      even if they are right. Have you experienced it?  I am sure, the answer is ‘yes’.

Why it happens?  Let us understand it in detail.

In our life, we do have lot of habits.  We are following these habits, day after day, months            after months, years after years !!  Just observe yourself?

Whenever you get up in the morning, you get up from the same direction.

Whenever you brush your teeth, you follow same  directions everyday, may be firstly you brush left side teeth and then right side teeth.  Whenever you wear a top\shirt, you put buttons in the same direction… May be top to bottom or bottom to top.

When you park your vehicle, firstly you search for your usual slot to park.

Why it happens?  Answer is simple.  If we follow something regularly for longer time(I remember, one author said,following it for 21 days without any break !), then it becomes our habit.

Can we leave our habits?  Can we change our habits?  Can we have new habits?

Absolutely Yes !!Risk

Changing habits can be used as weapon to solve many of our problems.


Let us take the problem of ‘taking Risks’.  This problem is again due to our habits of remaining in our own ‘comfort zone’.

What is meaning of ‘comfort zone’?  The situation in which you will be very comfortable, unstretched !

e.g.  Staying quite in meeting can be someone’s comfort zone, not accepting too much work may be comfort zone for somebody, not cross questioning anybody can be comfort zone, not accepting challenges can be comfort zone of somebody etc.

So, comfort zone is like a boundary to your capabilities.

Coming out of comfort zone is increasing your risk Appetite.   Why somebody should take effort to increase Risk Appetite?  What is benefit of that?

Answer is, Success comes to those who takes risk.

Ok, so now we are convinced that, Yes !! we should increase our Risk Appetite.  Next questions… Ahha, yes how to do it?

We should take small baby steps for that.  Trust me, these are really baby steps !!

Do something so that, you will come out of your comfort zone, may be for short time.

Let us take different scenarios,

I have seen couple of examples given by Ms Priya Parker in one of the TED Talk about putting yourself in discomfort zone.

Suppose you are standing queue, what you generally do?  Observe people around you, take out mobile to check mails, whats app messages.  Just purpose avoid all these routine things and do something different.  What’s that?

Start singing your favorite song in quite audible volume.  Not very loud, but clearly audible for others.  Keep doing it for some time till people notice you.  So?  How will your feel?  Feeling Good? Feeling Different?  Yes, this is called as putting yourself in discomfort zone.

Another example Priya quotes in her TED video is that, when you get into the elevator, just try standing in oppositeo direction so that, your back will be towards door and face will be towards other people.  Do you feel annoyed?  Do you feel people staring at you?  Let it be !  This is nothing but putting yourself in discomfort zone.

If you feel comfortable staying quite in the meeting, then behave exactly opposite, start asking questions, and talk a lot during the meeting.  It will help you to come out of your comfort zone.

Even if these are appearing like baby steps.  These steps will help you to become Odd Man Out from the crowd.

Putting yourself out of comfort zone, is in turn motivates you to take risks.

It will definitely increase your Risk Appetite.  This will definitely help you to take bigger decisions.  You will never have regret doing that..

This is first ever blog post by me, so please be with me if there are any spelling, grammatical mistakes

All the best and love you readers !! Keep Reading and share your thoughts, valuable feedback.





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